TESTLA Electric Laboratories

TESTLA Electric Laboratories, predominantly LV/MV/HV switchgear, to operate on the type testing of switcgear and control scheme has been established in 2010.

TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 quality management system certification with 100kA short circuit test current capacity is with regard of Turkey’s largest laboratory. The request of our customer our technical staff of the extension, our modern testing equipment and national / international validity to our own test methods, “Type, R&D Certification, Conformity Assessment “tests are performed.

Testla ensures that the tests, inspections, certification and the critical assets are compatible with the industry and legal standards for producers of network type electrical equipments and the end users. The term of ”Certification” is used offen to show that if an equipment is appropriate for some standards or not. Along with that, sometimes it is hard to figure out the real value of a certificate.

The test-based certificate we apply, is beyond the theorical approach and it shows us the capability of the equipment under difficult conditions in real life, practically. These extreme conditions we serve, is applicable by only test laboratories that use these two things: first; Proper equipment and second; the experienced personnel which knows latest standards and these equipments.

TESTLA Electric Laboratories, on the strength of its resources and expertness, works as a consultancy service for test and engineering for equipments and systems including switches, circuit breakers, transformers, cables, vehicle charge stations and lighting.

Quality Policy

  • To be a reliable and sought-after company in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of customers,
  • To carry out and carry out the test activities we perform in accordance with current National and / or International standard or predefined test methods, customer conditions and legal conditions,
  • To carry out tests by using the devices that are continuously trained and know the target, using devices that comply with the test methods and standards,
  • To meet the test requests coming from our customers and within the scope of our service at the highest possible level within the facilities of our laboratory,
  • To ensure the quality of the test by using the necessary reference / standard materials in order to conclude the tests with precision,
  • To be a preferred laboratory in its sector by considering correct measurement and customer satisfaction as a basic principle,
  • To ensure that the Quality Handbook, procedures, instructions and other documents created within the Quality Management System are read, understood and used effectively in all applications, in order to eliminate the factors that negatively affect the test results,
  • To apply the principles of impartiality, confidentiality, honesty, reliability and independence in their activities,
  • Carrying out all necessary works in cooperation with customers to reduce customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction,
  • To correctly evaluate the risks and opportunities that may arise within the scope of the test activities and to make the necessary improvement studies,
  • It has determined to ensure that these policies are adopted by all staff as Quality Policy.

Our Scope

Each year we are audited by the authority organization and each year we upgrade our test scope by the need of manufacturer.